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Welcome to KVTrucking!  If you are looking for a career with our virtual trucking company then please feel free to fill out an application and be sure to join us on teamspeak as well.


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What We Offer

KVTrucking (KnoxVegas Trucking) has finally opened its doors with the release of American Truck Simulator.  If you are wanting to join a great trucking company then please feel free to read more about us or even sign up on Discord and our forums to get to know us better.  We are ready to have you, are you ready to join the pack?

We at KVTrucking strive to be the safest, most leading edge North American Trucking Company, relentless in the pursuit of customer satisfaction and employee excellence. We are here to take care of all the needs of our customers for your shipping needs and transportation needs.

We are a large and very flexible trucking company that will work hard to meet everyone’s needs.  If you have suggestions we will take them in and try to bring them to life.  We were brought up by our employees and strive to make sure they are always taken care of.

  • Delievery Time 95%
  • Customer Satification 99.99%
  • Truck Down-Time 4%

Our Work Flow

KVTrucking Staff

KVTrucking (KnoxVegas Trucking) has dedicated staff, from the CEO to the SO’s.  We also have our own and very helpful web developers, and graphic designers.  With everyone working together including our drivers we have one of the best VTC company’s.  Join us and find out why!

Our Shipping

We strive to provide the best shipping out there.  Our communication is top notch with all drivers.  If you want to join the pack then be sure to apply today!

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We are a top notch group of people that love games and trucking, if you want to join us then please be sure to register on our forums and also jump on Discord to get to know our other drivers.

What is KVTrucking

KVTrucking is a gaming community now at heart, while we started out mainly with ATS and will always continue with ATS, we have also noticed that our members are amazing and love to enjoy other games as well.  So hence we have branched out as a normal gaming community would and start playing other games as well.

With this being said we are up-front and as always a ATS VTC at heart.  We just enjoy all types of games and really enjoy other games with all of our members.  We also enjoy watching and supporting our members on there twitch pages as well when they go live!  So much so that we have a dedicated area in our forums for all of them to be shown.  You can click here to check out all of there stream and to even watch them when they go live!

What is the main game for your community?

We are almost always submitting jobs and playing American Truck Simulator.  This is the main game our community has been built off of and it will always be the main game for us to play.

How do you all communicate?

We use a program called Discord to talk with our other drivers and friends.  Yes we will allow anyone to join our Discord.  You can click here to join our Discord server.

What do you use to submit jobs?

We use our own custom system, and we are actually in the process of making another new system that is built again from the ground up and trying to make it very interactive for all of our drivers and guests to use.

KVTrucking is by far in the top 5.  They strive for greatness and there saying means a lot.  “The Pack Serves You”, as well as “Excellence”.  Those sayings alone tell the whole story of how great this company is.  As soon as well call in for a delivery or pick up they are right on the dot with the times and more information.

Will Anderson

CEO/Owner, Tidbit

Working with KVTrucking has been amazing, we have worked with them for years now.  Anything that we need shipped they take care of everything, they are easy to work with and take the time to get to know exactly what you need done for your job.  I would highly recommend getting all your shipping needs with KVTrucking.

Toby Patterson

Warehouse Manager, Charged

I’m the owner of Eddy’s!  The best convince store, and we only use the best to ship all of our supplies.  If you need to use anyone be sure to use KVTrucking, they handle everything with care, and make sure you shipments are on time. Go with KVTrucking.

Eddy Torsney

Owner, Eddy's

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